Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the gym I go...

I promised myself I would start working out again, in order to kick-off the second part of my weight loss, and I did it! I got outta bed this morning and convinced myself to do it, even though I was bitching all the way to the fitness center! Once I got on the elliptical machine and started to work up a sweat, I started feeling better about it. I didnt push myself too hard, since it's workout #1 in this portion of my weight loss and I dont want to be sore tomorrow. I did HILL INTERVALS on the treadmill, which I truly enjoyed! I did a warm-up on the elliptical and ended with a mile on the stationary bike. I'm so glad I got that workout in today! Tomorrow will be even better, and I'm hoping to get more than an hour of cardio in!


  1. Good job on getting to the gym!!
    It can be hard to get up and get out the door but once you do, man the feeling is great!!!

  2. I know! I love it! And I've learned that skipping a day every now and then is okay, but skipping a WEEK is NOT okay :) Thanks chica!