Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'll be back....soon!

I've been M.I.A. for a couple of months, but I'll be back and bloggin' daily soon, very soon. Here's an update of things that have been happening:

 So, I'm still in the lower 220's, which isn't horrible, but I could have done better. I've got to find the almighty motivation I had before! I've recently made the decision to start taking an anti-depressant again---and it helps. My depression made getting up in the morning difficult, so staying motivated in order to keep losing weight just wasnt happening. Sometimes we gotta be a big girl and ask for help. So, here I am, a month in, and I'm feeling like it's time to get back on the weight loss wagon. Our gym finally opened back up (I swear it was closed for maintenance for a MONTH, sheesh.) So, thats where I stand. I hope all of my wonderful weight loss buddies have been doing well and staying healthy <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This morning's workout started with some light stretching, followed by a few dumbell exercises. Then I walked to the gym--ohhhh it felt good to be back. I hopped onto the treadmill and promised myself I wouldnt walk slower than 3.0 mph---and I did it! (It's the little things...) I normally start off my walk @ 2.6-2.8mph and slowly work up to 3.6 mph, and jog/run for a couple minutes @ 4.4-4.8mph. Starting out at 3.0mph is a small victory in my fitness level. I didnt focus as much on raising the incline this time--I'm more focused on increasing my speed at this point. I'm proud of myself.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Scale says: 218 again!

I'm finally off my eating binge, and I'm officially 218lbs again. Thank goodness. I've start incorporating bits of exercises while I'm watching tv, waiting for things to cook, sitting at work, etc. Does anyone watch the show "The Dr's" ? Well the other day they mentioned something that is sticking with me : eat less, move more---simple as that! I'm back in the habit of using my George Foreman grill and eating chicken salads again. My body feels a little deprived, but thats to be expected, I'll get back to normal in no time! The upside to my recent poor eating habits is that I tend to lose weight quickly when I start eating uber-healthy again---yippee!

Side note: yesterday I noticed my shoulders and arms are getting more toned! :) It made me happy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Confession Time.

Alright, let's get this over with. Confession: I've gained back about 5 lbs this month (I gained a few back since my last post..blah!), I'm not exercising for as hard and as long as I should be in order to lose weight, and my eating habits are less than perfect. Grrr. All I can do is DO BETTER. I have about six months until my official "goal weight weigh-in" (see side bar), so although I have time to lose the weight, I dont want to wait until the last two months and starve myself thin---I want to start now and have a healthy steady weightloss until November.

Since I need to lose 36 more pounds, that averages out to 6 pounds a month I need to lose. It's crunch time people! No excuses. I've struggled alot this past month or so and I'm hoping I can get passed all the stress and just focus on what I need to do. Deep breath in....and release. Here goes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yay! 216 again!

Scale is back down to 216! Woop Woop! I'm super excited, can you tell?  :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

theres hope.

Scale said 218.4 this morning! Yay! It's slowly going down! Here's to hope!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Exhausted.

So the scale says 219.0, which is a little bit of relief, but still upsetting. I guess I should thank my lucky stars it's even going down---still havent been back to the gym, have only worked out once since my last post, and although I'm not binge eating, I'm still too exhausted to do anything. I'm not sure if my depression is kicking in or what, but somethin's gotta give! I'm just not my normal self, havent been for about two weeks....(which my boyfriend keeps pointing out...Eeeek). Stress is really building up lately, so naturally my body doesnt want to get up and GO...but I really wish I could mentally get back on track. I'm down in the dumps right now, but I'm sure 3-4 good workouts will help my mood's just a matter of getting up and acutally DOING IT. Wish me luck :/

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Rude Awakening @ 220 lbs

I woke up this morning, stood on the scale and it read "220.8".


Let this be a lesson to anyone traveling the weight loss road. I'm disappointed in myself because I know I have the will power, but I got so caught up in boo-hooing about the overload of stress that I stopped exercising and started binge-eating. Where does that get me? It gets me 5 pounds heavier and pissed off.

Step 1: Eating better...alot better. No extra sugar and no binge eating from now on.

It's hard, it really is. Being so mentally exhausted takes a toll on your body, and it's hard to focus on exercise and eating right. I've gotta focus now!! Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Updates

My work schedule is ridiculous right now, (64 hours this week...I know, right?) which has directly effected my workout plan, actually its at a complete hault right now, and I cant wait to get back to the gym! Working so many hours and so many odd shifts, mixed with no exercise, has me exhausted physically and mentally. Being in the gym, music blarring, sweating my ass off----that's MY release. It's the only time I get to be completely alone and "in my own world". I take out all my stress and anxiety out on something that will benefit my body---so when I dont get to exercise, I'm a mess...nothing seems to balance itself out!
I have about 3 more days of work/training, so I will be back to the gym in no time! I'll happily update!

(Gotta get back to for one of our new systems started yesterday and ends tomorrow, so that's where I'll be!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Am I failing?

[sigh] Alright, here's the thing. I'm aware that weight loss is a process and you'll have ups and downs. I'm also aware that if I keep up with eating pizza and sweets for days at a time that I won't get anywhere with my weight loss....

I've followed the workout plan for two weeks, but with my current work schedule, I'm thinking I might have to create another plan. Ugh! I know once I'm back on track with eating healthier, I'll start to see the weight come off again, so I shouldnt be so hard on myself, but still. I miss the gym. I havent gone in two days, and my body knows something is going on. I've been tossing and turning all night (or day) when I'm sleeping, I'm just outta whack for some reason! Blek :/

I know I can do better, and I will. I have to.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Story of My Life :)

Good Morning! It's Saturday!

I woke up bright and early to complete my exercises before work. Today's exercises were squats, followed by bicep curls, skier's (which is a tricep exercise), wide leg planks and shoulder presses. No cardio today, which is totally fine with me, my muscles needed two days of rest :)

I havent had ANY weight loss this month. I've been fluctuating between 215 lbs -220 lbs!! WHAT!! I'm not gonna lie, I know EXACTLY why I've had no weight loss this month, and I will share them with you, not only because I want to be an example for what NOT to do, but also because I know I'm not perfect, and no matter how far into the weight loss process I am, I still have plateaus and I still struggle with eating the wrong foods and bingeing.

What NOT to do when trying to lose weight 101 :

    Since the beginning of April, I have had cheesecake, cupcakes, chocolate and cookies. For almost three months I was super strict on myself, cutting out most of the sugar in my diet, and only having desserts once in a blue moon...and now I know why I had to be so strict. No matter how much will power I think I have, give me ONE cookie, and I'm back a second and third time reaching for more. It's insane! I've got another week until pay day, and when that day comes, I HAVE to buy everything I was buying in the beginning of the diet. More lettuce, brown rice, chicken, flavored teas, etc etc. I've gotta get my body back on track! If I don't see 214 on the scale soon I'm gonna flip out! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 2 Completion.

It's Friday Friday Friday! I'm almost finished with week 2 of the workout plan. I've already walked/jogged/ran more this week than I did the first week, so that gets a thumbs up (insert thumb here!). I think I'll use today as my rest day, mainly because I'm at work for the next 8 hours and didnt do any of my thigh/ab/arm exercises today. Woopsie. BUT, that's why I have a rest day! I would normally use Sunday as a rest day, but I'm off work that day, so I'll do my long walk instead. Speaking of long walk, I wanna shoot for 3+ miles. Yesterday I did over 2 miles, but I would really like to push for 3 miles in one workout session. We shall see how it goes! Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh, Happy Easter Everybunny!

So, it was the perfect day to sleep and relax, home alone on my "rest day". I was puppy-sitting my sisters dog, and since I had to work, the boyfriend went to his parents and I chilled out and watched Hairspray and Golden Girls with Max, the cocker spaniel. Now, that's what I call a rest day! Tomorrow is the start of week # 2 on the new workout plan! I can't wait to get back on the treadmill!

p.S. almost 2 pounds lost this week! I can't seem to get out of the 215-217 range. Yes, I'm STILL 215. Argh. But anyways, I feel stronger and my arms are slimming up and toning, so I'm about 80% happy with my results this week! Plus, I know I'm gaining a little muscle, so that may have an effect on it.....hmm. *!Toodles!*

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Musica, Musica"

f you follow my blog, you know I've mentioned more than once that everyone should have awesome workout music! Any song that makes you smile or pumps you up HAS to be on your workout playlist!

Since I only have 3 songs on my iPod section of my iPhone, I choose to bring CD's to my fitness center. (95% of the time I am alone in my gym, so I can blare my music as loud as I want!) Here are a few I've been rockin' out to.

Kid Rock's "Cocky" Album
   I love this cd!! This album is definately not for people who prefer "clean" versions of songs... lol. But it's great music that makes you feel like a bad-ass while running! My favorite song from this album is "Baby Come Home"----listen to it!

"Let It Go" by Tim Mcgraw
   This CD has songs like "Last Dollar" (Fly Away) and "I Need You" by Tim and Faith. I love the combination of fast and slow songs, which works best when I'm doing my intervals.

 India Arie. Testimony : Vol 1, Life & Relationships.
    This entire CD is beautiful. I highly recommend this cd to any woman who has ever struggled with self love, finding hope, and forgiveness. Her voice alone makes you feel peaceful. One of my favorite lyrics is from the song "Private Party" and says "I'm gonna take off all my clothes, look at myself in the mirror, we're gonna have a conversation, we're gonna heal the disconnection. I dont remember when it started, but this is where it's gonna end, my body is beautiful and sacred, and I'm gonna celebrate it"--- I know, right? It gives me chills, and sometimes makes me cry. Ladies, come on! Love yourself, love your body, and as I once heard " God gave you this body so you can rock the shit out of it!"  :)

"Pretty Boy Swag" by Soulja Boy.
   Pretty self explanatory! The beats are awesome in this song and I love me some Soulja Boy!

"Toes" Zac Brown Band   
 Good song for letting your mind escape while exercising.

Jessica Simpson "In This Skin:"
   This cd is quite a walk down memory lane. I'm a huge 90's pop music fan, and when I bought this cd eight years ago, I fell in love with it. I'm not too crazy about Jessica Simpson these days, but I do love this cd. It's another woman-friendly cd  :)

Mariachi/Mexican/Latin Music
   So I'm sure everyone who was walking passed the windows of the fitness center thought they were in a Mexican restaurant today, hehe. I have probably 20 random authentic spanish cds and I rock out to them from time to time....mostly when I'm alone because others dont appreciate the music as much as I do :)

When I finally get my iPod set up, I definatley wanna put more "pump me up" music on it : Black Eyed Peas, Sublime, David Banner (yummy hehe), Natasha Bedingfield, and LOTS OF OLD SCHOOL ROCK!


A Not-So-Long Walk

Week #1 on the new workout plan is almost over! On this plan, I can chose Saturday OR Sunday as my "rest day", and on the other day I take a long walk. I was feelin frisky today, and it was gorgeous outside (although I work out in my gym at my complex, I still open all the windows and blare my music, so good weather days are my favorite), so I decided today would be my "long walk" day, and tomorrow will be my rest day. Well, I had to push myself to even walk a mile, haha oopsie! I know I'm doing really well on this plan and a mile is a mile, and I refuse to make myself feel bad for ONLY walking a mile, even though I wanted to walk at least 3 miles. I am proud to say I can now walk comfortably at 3.5mph!! This a big step in my fitness level. I almost feel uncomfortable if I walk too slow now. If it's been five minutes on the treadmill and no sweat has formed on my forehead, I'm going too slow. Oh! Another thing! Today I set my incline to 12.0 (normally it's set at 3.0-5.0)--- ha ha ha ha Wow! Note to self : dont set your speed too high when your incline is at a 12.0! I had that scary 2-second period of "Oh shit I'm about to fly off this treadmill!! Ahhh!!". Luckily enough, nothing bad happened :) Thank you baby Jesus!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Completing my first week.

Today marked DAY # 5 of my new workout plan, and I'm proud to say I've stuck by it! I feel a little sore in my biceps and triceps, and my thighs never stopped hurting from worlout #1, so it's definately working. Today was my "NO CARDIO" day, just ARMS/ABS/THIGH work. Here are a few things I've realized this week :

1. I DO NOT like Triceps Dips on a chair! I was supposed to complete 3 sets of 10...and after the 6th rep, I was like fuck this! (excuse my French) BUT, my goal is to love them. Whether or not that will actually happen hasn't been determined... (insert concerned look here)

2. I can run harder, faster, and further now. I ran at 4.5 mph :) That's never happened before!

3. I love sweating. That's my indication that my heart is pumping and I'm getting an awesome workout.
 Sweat pouring off my face is what I aim for---no, it's not pretty, but it's pretty awesome :)

4. Good workout music is CRUCIAL.

5. Smiling while you exercise helps your mood.

6. Walking/Jogging/Running intervals are my new best friend!

7. A good sports bra is more important than you think....even with my tiny bewbies.

        The End <3

Monday, April 18, 2011

My 4 week workout plan! Here goes!!

Let me start off by saying that if you follow my blog, you know I'm constantly trying to find ways to stay on track with diet and exercise. In my last blog I mentioned that I started recording my meals, exercise, etc. on an iPhone app and hoped it would help--- well, it didnt. I deleted the app off my phone that night. I'm sure it works for some people, but it just wasnt convenient, and I like to stray-away from becoming obsessive about jotting down everything I eat. So, with that said, I've started a new workout program! It's completely personalized and I have high hopes! The new exercises are from COSMO magazine (my BFF gave me 3 cosmo magazines and tah-dah! free exercises!) The exercises I'm doing are "target area" exercises-- 4 exercises for THIGHS, 4 for TRICEPS, and 4 for ABS. I divided them up, choosing a different exercise each day of the week. I've also added cardio 4 days a week. I hand wrote everything in pencil, so that if need be, I can tweek it --(reason I say this is because I'm working muscles I havent worked in awhile, and I know I may need rest days for those specific muscles.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

I can do better :/

I'm a tad disappointed in myself "diet" wise. I honestly believe I've gotten so comfortable with my weight loss that I often forget I'm only half way to my goal weight. I go from one extreme to the next lately---one day eating next to nothing, and the next day eating super sugary foods I wouldnt even normally eat...

My period, I'm sure, had alot to do with it (12 days of bloating and craving and bitchiness...blek!)

To help jump start some weight loss (I've gotta see the scale move or I'm gonna lose my mind!) I'm re-starting the Belly Fat Cure diet, and being strict about it. I've also started using the MyNetDiary App for iPhone. It records my meals, exercise, water intake (I love that!), weight loss/gain, measurements (which I'm not taking..), and some other crap I dont use. It's a free app, and it will hold me accountable for everything I'm taking in, hopefully resulting in weight loss. Blah. Until next time! Mwah!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Scale says... 215!

January : 243 lbs
February: 227 lbs
March: 218 lbs
April: 215 lbs

Can I get a hellll yeah? :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

The word of the day : AFFIRMATIONS

You may be familiar with daily affirmations--it's just a short quote or saying that creates a positive energy in your mind and keeps negativity away, much like your favorite bible verse. I hopped online to read some, and I found so many great ones! I literally feel the negativity lifting when I read them! Here are a few I've found, and not all have to do with weight loss per se, but I believe that losing weight is a whole lot easier when we have positivity flowing through our veins :)

I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I set my mind to becoming physically and mentally fit. I am physically fit and I am mentally fit.

I trust my body and know that it will naturally adjust to an ideal weight for me. Food is nourishment and I realize this. I make good and healthy eating choices based on my nourishment needs. I move regularly and enjoy every moment of it. I am healthy and slim!

I choose what I eat wisely and I listen to my body. I am my ideal weight and I am in good health. I look amazing!

I am at peace with my past. I choose to release the past now. I move forward by letting go of the past. I choose to forgive myself and others. I am grateful and happy to experience new joys in life.

Water refreshes and replenishes me. Water helps me maintain my good health and vibrant skin. I love water. I love drinking water. I drink enough water each day.

I am in control of my world and my body. I am responsible for myself. I release this unnecessary stress and allow my body and mind to relax into a comfortable state of being. I am calm and relaxed. I have a positive and optimistic mental attitude.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the gym I go...

I promised myself I would start working out again, in order to kick-off the second part of my weight loss, and I did it! I got outta bed this morning and convinced myself to do it, even though I was bitching all the way to the fitness center! Once I got on the elliptical machine and started to work up a sweat, I started feeling better about it. I didnt push myself too hard, since it's workout #1 in this portion of my weight loss and I dont want to be sore tomorrow. I did HILL INTERVALS on the treadmill, which I truly enjoyed! I did a warm-up on the elliptical and ended with a mile on the stationary bike. I'm so glad I got that workout in today! Tomorrow will be even better, and I'm hoping to get more than an hour of cardio in!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Goal Weight for mid-April :

I've decided I want to get down to 210 lbs by mid-April. That's approx. 2 lbs to lose per week, which shouldnt be difficult considering I'll be doing cardio regularly. Fingers crossed! It's not gonna be easy, I can feel'll be worth it, though.

Getting back on track... Eeeek :/

What's been happening:
So, the last two weeks I've only lost a few pounds, and I'm pretty much at a standstill @ 218lbs. I've not been tracking my sugar/carbs, I'm being less strict, and I've had several fast-food meals and sugary foods. I'm needing to get back on! I'm starting with drinking more water throughout the day to flush the crap I've put into my body lately. Oh, I've also had a few nights of drinking, which has dehydrated me and made me lethargic..yuck.
What I plan to do:
Workout. I am going to begin working out at least every other day! I would like to commit to at least 4 days of cardio in the gym, I think that's a good start.

Weight Goal:
I'm trying to think of a reasonable goal weight for this time in April.... I'll keep ya posted on what I decide.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My "cheat" day.... :D

I had nothing but fast food for TWO DAYS! Eeek! It was delicious, I'm not gonna lie, but I was worried about weight gain. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm still below 220, so yay! And if you're wondering, I ate Jack In The Box, Pizza, and Steak N Shake--and I actually ate most of my shake, and boy was that alot of sugar!! My body knew something was up, it wouldnt let me finish the whole thing! Ha! But, anyways.... that's my cheat day(s). Today it's all water and salad! Toodles for now!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What it takes to LOSE.

What makes my current weight loss different than weight loss in my past is that I'm losing weight in a very healthy way. The weight has come off quickly, but don't assume it's because I've found a "miracle diet", it's really so much more than that. The first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning is how I can make today healthier than yesterday, and throughout the day I remind myself why I'm trying to be healthy in the first place. The Belly Fat Cure book helped me to totally reinvent the way I eat, and the way I look at food. Now I actually TASTE my food, I enjoy every bite, and I've fallen in love with cooking. I actually crave healthy foods! I've found ways to make unhealthy foods healthy, and I did it on MY BUDGET! I've always made comments about how expensive eating healthy can be, but honestly, I havent seen much of a difference in price and I'm eating entire meals and feeling satisfied when I'm finished. I'm gaining so much knowledge about foods, why they are healthy or unhealthy, the importance of listening to your body, and above all kicking myself in the ass for the foods I used to eat!! I'm serious! I was over 200 pounds when I was only 13 years old, can you imagine what got me to that point? I can tell you right now : Little Debbie snacks, chips and McDonalds. I remember eating four or five cosmic brownies in one sitting, entire Big Mac meals at only twelve years old, and the list goes on and on. That led me to 200 pounds at age 13, and I was so desperate to lose weight that I developed an eating disorder. Not only was I destroying my body by gaining so much weight, but I injured my body even more when I started to lose the weight in an unhealthy manner. This is why I'm so hell-bent on eating healthy and losing weight the right way, and my body is responding well to my lifestyle feels amazing.

Scale says....220!

January Weight: 243lbs
February Weight: 222lbs
March 3rd Weight: 220 lbs

23 pounds lost so far!
Yay for meeee!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MTV's I Used To Be Fat

If you've never watched this show, I highly recommend watching it, especially if you are trying to lose weight. This show is super inspirational to me! It mainly focuses on girls and guys who have had weight problems all their life, and they have made the decision to get fit and healthy the summer before college, and they get the chance to say "I Used To Be Fat". The trainers are awesome and not only help with the physical aspect of getting thin, but the emotional part as well. They dig deeper into why exactly that person gained so much weight in the first place, and they address the situation along the way. Watch it, you'll love it!

On The Menu Today

Tuna Wrap! Today I bought FLATOUT WRAPS, made some tuna and threw some lettuce on top and wrapped it up! I'm excited to try it out, hopefully I've found my "perfect wrap". I've tried 3 different brands/kinds of wraps, and some of them aren't as tasty as they look, and several of them tear easily. The flatout wraps are super soft and they didnt tear at all while making the tuna wrap so hopefully I've got what I've been looking for.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jillian Michaels says..

" We are all a work in progress, there is no finish line..."

Isn't that an awesome quote? We take before/after photos, we have a "goal" to reach, however, there is always room to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

I recommend....ceramic tumblers!

I currently have two ceramic tumblers, which I purchased from TJ Maxx a couple months ago. I'm now far enough into the weight loss process to notice the little things that make dieting alot easier--go buy a couple tumblers for yourself, and have fun with it! I've seen some super cute tumblers at TJ Maxx and Barnes&Noble! The one I'm using today is a tall ceramic tumbler, and reads "What you dream, you will become".. aw. Before dieting, I was one of those people who "ran by the gas station to get a sweet tea or fountain soda" several times a week---bad news, right? So now, I enjoy fresh hot tea wherever I go, and I get to drink it out of a stylish container, so it makes being healthy... fun! And I recommend the ceramic tumblers only because it actually DOES keep your hot liquids hot, and cold liquids cold. My only concern is that the tea stains the inside....I'm thinkin it has something to do with me putting it into the dishwasher....hmmm...a mystery. Anyways, go buy one! You wont regret it!       

What's YOUR motivation?

My number one key to losing weight and staying on track is, yep, you guessed it---MOTIVATION. Motivation is everywhere, you just gotta look in the right places. My number one fan is my boyfriend, Aaron. When I told him I wanted to start this journey of weight loss, I expected a "good luck" and a pat on the back. To my surprise, he responded with "I'll do it with you, we will lose weight together". So, together we have lost approx. 40 lbs since the beginning of February. Another motivator is my Belly Fat Cure book. Any time I'm not sure about a product or need to reassure myself I'm on the right track, I grab my book! It also contains before/after photos of people who have succeeded with the diet--very motivating. I'm sure you're well aware of how motivating blogging is, that's why I started. I can always look back and remember where I started from, and how far I've come. Here's another one: YOUTUBE! Type in "how i lost weight" or "my weight loss journey"--- you can find tons of people willing to give all details of their weight loss journey! It's nice knowing there are people out there who know EXACTLY what you are going through, more specifically the mental anguish that goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. So, get a weight loss buddy, choose a good weight loss book, check out before/after photos, and... BLOG! Oh, and have girlfriends who tell you you look thinner :) Ha!

I miss chocolate

Grocery time!

I get super excited each pay day, not only because I have money in my pocket (duh!) but also because I get to buy myself groceries! When I started the Belly Fat Cure lifestyle, I knew that in order to keep me on track, and in order for me to skip the "weight loss plateaus", I needed to buy different health foods with each shopping trip. For example, on my first trip (beginning of February) I bought chicken breast, lots of lettuce, onions, lean ground beef, and all items needed for tacos ---(super easy to make healthy tacos! i love it!). The second trip (two weeks ago) consisted of avocados, more onions, potatoes, more lettuce, chicken and best of all... FLAVORED TEA. So, this time I'm thinking of buying more of a variety of items. My new item I've been considering is.....snap peas! Does anyone follow MakeupGeekTV on YouTube? Well she has lost 90 lbs (can you say hellll yeah!?!) and she highly recommends snap peas in your diet, as a snack or something to nibble on while watchin' tv, reading, etc. This caught my attention mainly because I love to sit in front of the tv while I enjoy my snacks/meals. Many people frown upon the concept of eating while watching television, but I have no dining room so, guess what? I'll be in front of my tv every time I eat! Take that!


Got the Wednesday woes? Sweat it out!

After 20 mins of arguing with myself, I mustered up enough energy to head to the gym this morning, bright and early. I realized as I walked into the fitness center that I should be visiting the gym more often than I currently do. Dont get me wrong, I work out to DVD's at home all the time, but in order to get a great cardio workout, the gym is where I need to be. This time, I decided not to base my workout on "miles walked" or "calories burned"... I just hopped on and worked up a nice sweat! Many things have been bothering me lately, none of which I will bore you with, but all the stress has put quite a damper on my spirit, and I've been super exhausted for the past week now--- and I let out all my frustration on the treadmill and elliptical machine! It felt amazing to take time to myself and clear my head, and also a great way to start my work week as well. Oh-- and I worked out while watching SCHOOL OF ROCK---way fun! (I strongly believe that we get a much better workout based on the music we listen to while exercising.....I'll talk more about it in another blog...I just had an idea...stay tuned for more! HaHa)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 lbs!

Happy Sunday! I've lost 2 more pounds! Hooray! Hard work pays off, people! 
January 3rd : 243 lbs
February 20th : 221lbs ---- Yay!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One GREAT benefit of eating healthy!

My nails are growing super fast and are no longer chipping and breaking! How wonderful is that? My nails havent been this strong since I was a teenager. I love it <3 All thanks to eating healthier and adding lots of proteing to my diet.

Happy Saturday!

I've been draggin' ass for a few days, not sure what my body is tryin to tell me but I'm constantly exhausted. However, last night after work, I did pop in a FIRM Workout DVD and completed about 20 mins, plus some ab workouts from my Belly Fat Cure book----and also did a mini-dance workout this morning. I can't wait until payday, I have a better idea now of what I need "diet" wise so I can shop a little smarter now. I'll list a few things that the Belly Fat Cure diet allows, particularly foods I stock up on in order to stay on track. They aren't "miraculous weight loss foods", but they are foods that are low in carb (if any) and low in sugar, but are also very tasty :D

1. Chicken, Chicken, Chicken.

         Boneless, skinless chicken breast is by far my favorite meat to cook with. I'm not much of a cooker (yet), so chicken breast is perfect and can be paired with veggies, put in wraps, salads, or just eaten alone. Recently, my boyfriend introduced me to the George Foreman Grill---wow! The chicken turns out super juicy and it cooks quickly! I'm still amazed! It's a healthy eaters best friend!

2. Lettuce-- and lots of it!
      I typically buy a few heads of lettuce per shopping trip. I use iceburg and Romaine leaf lettuce, the greener the better of course. I choose iceburg simply because it is cheap and full of "crunch". My boyfriend (who is on the same eating plan) prefers the green leaf lettuce like Romaine to put on sandwiches, wraps and burritos. Any time a I have a major craving for a "bad" food, I make a salad and chow down! Adding chicken, cheese, salt and pepper makes it super-satisfying!

3. Tea

I've always been a sweet tea drinker, easily drinking close to a gallon per day. On a diet of 15g of sugar or less per day, I knew I'd have to give up my beloved sweet tea--but this is far from the truth. In my Belly Fat Cure book, it suggests flavored teas (I personally love Lipton All Natural Green Tea Collection--I buy the variety pack, yum!). One of my dear friends introduced me to Bigelow Vanilla Caramel Tea--the smell alone will have your mouth watering! Add a few packets of sweetner and BAM, you've got yourself a great tasting treat.

4. Olive Oil
Yes! Olive oil is constantly used in my home. I've put it on top of salads, I sautee meats with it, I use it in homemade marinades, etc. It tastes great and it's a much healthier choice than vegetable oil, and in my opinion, tastes much better. I've read several articles on the benefits of olive oil, so I purchased the product and I only have one minor complaint-- the price. I buy a small bottle (not sure of the size...) and it's close to $5.00 and last about two weeks. This is a little pricey in my opinion, but when I think about the hundreds of dollars I've spent at fast food restaurants, ice cream, and sugary high-calorie foods, paying five bucks for healthy olive oil doesnt seem so bad. I also replaced my regular mayo with Kraft Mayo w/ Olive Oil--tastes a bit tart but I use less and it tastes pretty good mixed with tuna!

5. Eggs.
My boyfriend and I eat about a dozen eggs per week! We make veggie-filled omelettes, cheese omelettes, hard boiled eggs for salads and tuna, etc. Eggs have virtually no carbohydrate content, so they fit perfectly into any low carb eating plan. I must note, although I love eggs and am usually open to "natural foods", I don't really have a taste for the natural eggs--I'm not sure if it's the smell or taste or a combination of both, but I personally will not be buying those eggs anymore. My boyfriend, on the other hand, loves them. So, you be the judge. (My boyfriend is hounding me about making deviled eggs, so I'm sure I'll be making them soon!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

I wanna SWEAT!

I love the feeling of working out so hard that muscles I didnt knew existed begin to throb! I've been on an eating program that doesnt call for much exercise, so I thought "Great! I'll eat right and sit on my ass all day!". But it turns out I WANT to work out, I WANT to get all sweaty and tired and exhausted, and I WANT to be sore. It's a feeling you can't get anywhere else, a feeling that only YOU can give yourself by getting off your booty and working out! I'm going to start TONIGHT! I'm going to workout at home every single day and night, even if it's only for 20 mins at a time! I have several workout DVD's that havent been used in..well...quite awhile! I'm super excited!!

Did you know...

So apparently, when you are on a diet/exercise program and you DONT EAT ENOUGH, your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto the fat---perhaps why my scale wont budge. And as a person who has tried to lose weight umpteen times, you'd think I would know that, but I didnt. I just read it on and had an "ah-ha!" moment.

I know, right!?!

"Wow, how much have you lost!?!"

Ah, the compliments. Yesterday I was waiting on my boyfriend to pick me up from work and as I was walking to the car, he rolls down his window and yells "Damn, baby! You look so skinny I didn't even know it was YOU!" My face lit up.... thats exactly what I needed to hear :) It's the little things. Coming into work today I had soooo many comments about the weight I've lost. So, it's true--- although the scale may not budge for a few days, you may still be losing weight! Don't get discouraged!

Note: My boyfriend is losing weight as fast as I am-- what!?!? HaHa. I'm super proud, but at the same time I wanna whisper "you ass!!" I'm joking, it truly is a blessing to have a weight loss partner. He holds me accountable for the things I eat and encourages me on the way--- love him <3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just one of those days.

I believe one of the hardest parts of any serious weight loss journey is the mental aspect. My day can range from "Good morning, WORLD! I'm ready to work out, eat healthy and be the best I can be!"  to  "I'm tired of putting so much effort into this, I think I'll skip the gym today, woe-is-me". It's exhausting! I personally need constant motivation. I constantly read about success stories, I watch "I Used To Be Fat" on, I look back at my "before" photos....but sometimes it turns itself into an obsession. I AM losing weight the healthy way, yes, but I feel as if I need to be thinking about it constantly in order to see any results. I'm sure if you are reading this, you've felt the exact same way. Today has been a "scale wont budge and I'm tired of eating lettuce and just want these next ten pounds to come off as fast as the first 20" type of day. Do you ever have those days?

What does YOUR belly say today?

Normally, I can go all day without feeling hungry or hearing a single "growl" rumble in my abdomen. This diet consists of appetite-satisfying foods, so whats the problem, you ask? I am eating significantly less today because the scale is teetering between 223-227, which adds up to about an 18 - 21 pound loss, which is awesome, BUT, it will not STAY at 223 and that bothers me. So, my lunch today consists of lettuce with ranch! Borrriiinnnggg. It will be worth it, I'm sure, but for now, it's  all I can focus on! Whyyyyy! Sincerely, Hungry Chick.