Friday, May 27, 2011

Scale says: 218 again!

I'm finally off my eating binge, and I'm officially 218lbs again. Thank goodness. I've start incorporating bits of exercises while I'm watching tv, waiting for things to cook, sitting at work, etc. Does anyone watch the show "The Dr's" ? Well the other day they mentioned something that is sticking with me : eat less, move more---simple as that! I'm back in the habit of using my George Foreman grill and eating chicken salads again. My body feels a little deprived, but thats to be expected, I'll get back to normal in no time! The upside to my recent poor eating habits is that I tend to lose weight quickly when I start eating uber-healthy again---yippee!

Side note: yesterday I noticed my shoulders and arms are getting more toned! :) It made me happy!

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