Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Exhausted.

So the scale says 219.0, which is a little bit of relief, but still upsetting. I guess I should thank my lucky stars it's even going down---still havent been back to the gym, have only worked out once since my last post, and although I'm not binge eating, I'm still too exhausted to do anything. I'm not sure if my depression is kicking in or what, but somethin's gotta give! I'm just not my normal self, havent been for about two weeks....(which my boyfriend keeps pointing out...Eeeek). Stress is really building up lately, so naturally my body doesnt want to get up and GO...but I really wish I could mentally get back on track. I'm down in the dumps right now, but I'm sure 3-4 good workouts will help my mood's just a matter of getting up and acutally DOING IT. Wish me luck :/

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