Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Updates

My work schedule is ridiculous right now, (64 hours this week...I know, right?) which has directly effected my workout plan, actually its at a complete hault right now, and I cant wait to get back to the gym! Working so many hours and so many odd shifts, mixed with no exercise, has me exhausted physically and mentally. Being in the gym, music blarring, sweating my ass off----that's MY release. It's the only time I get to be completely alone and "in my own world". I take out all my stress and anxiety out on something that will benefit my body---so when I dont get to exercise, I'm a mess...nothing seems to balance itself out!
I have about 3 more days of work/training, so I will be back to the gym in no time! I'll happily update!

(Gotta get back to for one of our new systems started yesterday and ends tomorrow, so that's where I'll be!)

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