Friday, February 18, 2011

"Wow, how much have you lost!?!"

Ah, the compliments. Yesterday I was waiting on my boyfriend to pick me up from work and as I was walking to the car, he rolls down his window and yells "Damn, baby! You look so skinny I didn't even know it was YOU!" My face lit up.... thats exactly what I needed to hear :) It's the little things. Coming into work today I had soooo many comments about the weight I've lost. So, it's true--- although the scale may not budge for a few days, you may still be losing weight! Don't get discouraged!

Note: My boyfriend is losing weight as fast as I am-- what!?!? HaHa. I'm super proud, but at the same time I wanna whisper "you ass!!" I'm joking, it truly is a blessing to have a weight loss partner. He holds me accountable for the things I eat and encourages me on the way--- love him <3

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