Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's YOUR motivation?

My number one key to losing weight and staying on track is, yep, you guessed it---MOTIVATION. Motivation is everywhere, you just gotta look in the right places. My number one fan is my boyfriend, Aaron. When I told him I wanted to start this journey of weight loss, I expected a "good luck" and a pat on the back. To my surprise, he responded with "I'll do it with you, we will lose weight together". So, together we have lost approx. 40 lbs since the beginning of February. Another motivator is my Belly Fat Cure book. Any time I'm not sure about a product or need to reassure myself I'm on the right track, I grab my book! It also contains before/after photos of people who have succeeded with the diet--very motivating. I'm sure you're well aware of how motivating blogging is, that's why I started. I can always look back and remember where I started from, and how far I've come. Here's another one: YOUTUBE! Type in "how i lost weight" or "my weight loss journey"--- you can find tons of people willing to give all details of their weight loss journey! It's nice knowing there are people out there who know EXACTLY what you are going through, more specifically the mental anguish that goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. So, get a weight loss buddy, choose a good weight loss book, check out before/after photos, and... BLOG! Oh, and have girlfriends who tell you you look thinner :) Ha!

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