Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grocery time!

I get super excited each pay day, not only because I have money in my pocket (duh!) but also because I get to buy myself groceries! When I started the Belly Fat Cure lifestyle, I knew that in order to keep me on track, and in order for me to skip the "weight loss plateaus", I needed to buy different health foods with each shopping trip. For example, on my first trip (beginning of February) I bought chicken breast, lots of lettuce, onions, lean ground beef, and all items needed for tacos ---(super easy to make healthy tacos! i love it!). The second trip (two weeks ago) consisted of avocados, more onions, potatoes, more lettuce, chicken and best of all... FLAVORED TEA. So, this time I'm thinking of buying more of a variety of items. My new item I've been considering is.....snap peas! Does anyone follow MakeupGeekTV on YouTube? Well she has lost 90 lbs (can you say hellll yeah!?!) and she highly recommends snap peas in your diet, as a snack or something to nibble on while watchin' tv, reading, etc. This caught my attention mainly because I love to sit in front of the tv while I enjoy my snacks/meals. Many people frown upon the concept of eating while watching television, but I have no dining room so, guess what? I'll be in front of my tv every time I eat! Take that!


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