Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Not-So-Long Walk

Week #1 on the new workout plan is almost over! On this plan, I can chose Saturday OR Sunday as my "rest day", and on the other day I take a long walk. I was feelin frisky today, and it was gorgeous outside (although I work out in my gym at my complex, I still open all the windows and blare my music, so good weather days are my favorite), so I decided today would be my "long walk" day, and tomorrow will be my rest day. Well, I had to push myself to even walk a mile, haha oopsie! I know I'm doing really well on this plan and a mile is a mile, and I refuse to make myself feel bad for ONLY walking a mile, even though I wanted to walk at least 3 miles. I am proud to say I can now walk comfortably at 3.5mph!! This a big step in my fitness level. I almost feel uncomfortable if I walk too slow now. If it's been five minutes on the treadmill and no sweat has formed on my forehead, I'm going too slow. Oh! Another thing! Today I set my incline to 12.0 (normally it's set at 3.0-5.0)--- ha ha ha ha Wow! Note to self : dont set your speed too high when your incline is at a 12.0! I had that scary 2-second period of "Oh shit I'm about to fly off this treadmill!! Ahhh!!". Luckily enough, nothing bad happened :) Thank you baby Jesus!

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