Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Morning! It's Saturday!

I woke up bright and early to complete my exercises before work. Today's exercises were squats, followed by bicep curls, skier's (which is a tricep exercise), wide leg planks and shoulder presses. No cardio today, which is totally fine with me, my muscles needed two days of rest :)

I havent had ANY weight loss this month. I've been fluctuating between 215 lbs -220 lbs!! WHAT!! I'm not gonna lie, I know EXACTLY why I've had no weight loss this month, and I will share them with you, not only because I want to be an example for what NOT to do, but also because I know I'm not perfect, and no matter how far into the weight loss process I am, I still have plateaus and I still struggle with eating the wrong foods and bingeing.

What NOT to do when trying to lose weight 101 :

    Since the beginning of April, I have had cheesecake, cupcakes, chocolate and cookies. For almost three months I was super strict on myself, cutting out most of the sugar in my diet, and only having desserts once in a blue moon...and now I know why I had to be so strict. No matter how much will power I think I have, give me ONE cookie, and I'm back a second and third time reaching for more. It's insane! I've got another week until pay day, and when that day comes, I HAVE to buy everything I was buying in the beginning of the diet. More lettuce, brown rice, chicken, flavored teas, etc etc. I've gotta get my body back on track! If I don't see 214 on the scale soon I'm gonna flip out! :)

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