Monday, April 11, 2011

I can do better :/

I'm a tad disappointed in myself "diet" wise. I honestly believe I've gotten so comfortable with my weight loss that I often forget I'm only half way to my goal weight. I go from one extreme to the next lately---one day eating next to nothing, and the next day eating super sugary foods I wouldnt even normally eat...

My period, I'm sure, had alot to do with it (12 days of bloating and craving and bitchiness...blek!)

To help jump start some weight loss (I've gotta see the scale move or I'm gonna lose my mind!) I'm re-starting the Belly Fat Cure diet, and being strict about it. I've also started using the MyNetDiary App for iPhone. It records my meals, exercise, water intake (I love that!), weight loss/gain, measurements (which I'm not taking..), and some other crap I dont use. It's a free app, and it will hold me accountable for everything I'm taking in, hopefully resulting in weight loss. Blah. Until next time! Mwah!

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