Friday, April 22, 2011

Completing my first week.

Today marked DAY # 5 of my new workout plan, and I'm proud to say I've stuck by it! I feel a little sore in my biceps and triceps, and my thighs never stopped hurting from worlout #1, so it's definately working. Today was my "NO CARDIO" day, just ARMS/ABS/THIGH work. Here are a few things I've realized this week :

1. I DO NOT like Triceps Dips on a chair! I was supposed to complete 3 sets of 10...and after the 6th rep, I was like fuck this! (excuse my French) BUT, my goal is to love them. Whether or not that will actually happen hasn't been determined... (insert concerned look here)

2. I can run harder, faster, and further now. I ran at 4.5 mph :) That's never happened before!

3. I love sweating. That's my indication that my heart is pumping and I'm getting an awesome workout.
 Sweat pouring off my face is what I aim for---no, it's not pretty, but it's pretty awesome :)

4. Good workout music is CRUCIAL.

5. Smiling while you exercise helps your mood.

6. Walking/Jogging/Running intervals are my new best friend!

7. A good sports bra is more important than you think....even with my tiny bewbies.

        The End <3

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