Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Musica, Musica"

f you follow my blog, you know I've mentioned more than once that everyone should have awesome workout music! Any song that makes you smile or pumps you up HAS to be on your workout playlist!

Since I only have 3 songs on my iPod section of my iPhone, I choose to bring CD's to my fitness center. (95% of the time I am alone in my gym, so I can blare my music as loud as I want!) Here are a few I've been rockin' out to.

Kid Rock's "Cocky" Album
   I love this cd!! This album is definately not for people who prefer "clean" versions of songs... lol. But it's great music that makes you feel like a bad-ass while running! My favorite song from this album is "Baby Come Home"----listen to it!

"Let It Go" by Tim Mcgraw
   This CD has songs like "Last Dollar" (Fly Away) and "I Need You" by Tim and Faith. I love the combination of fast and slow songs, which works best when I'm doing my intervals.

 India Arie. Testimony : Vol 1, Life & Relationships.
    This entire CD is beautiful. I highly recommend this cd to any woman who has ever struggled with self love, finding hope, and forgiveness. Her voice alone makes you feel peaceful. One of my favorite lyrics is from the song "Private Party" and says "I'm gonna take off all my clothes, look at myself in the mirror, we're gonna have a conversation, we're gonna heal the disconnection. I dont remember when it started, but this is where it's gonna end, my body is beautiful and sacred, and I'm gonna celebrate it"--- I know, right? It gives me chills, and sometimes makes me cry. Ladies, come on! Love yourself, love your body, and as I once heard " God gave you this body so you can rock the shit out of it!"  :)

"Pretty Boy Swag" by Soulja Boy.
   Pretty self explanatory! The beats are awesome in this song and I love me some Soulja Boy!

"Toes" Zac Brown Band   
 Good song for letting your mind escape while exercising.

Jessica Simpson "In This Skin:"
   This cd is quite a walk down memory lane. I'm a huge 90's pop music fan, and when I bought this cd eight years ago, I fell in love with it. I'm not too crazy about Jessica Simpson these days, but I do love this cd. It's another woman-friendly cd  :)

Mariachi/Mexican/Latin Music
   So I'm sure everyone who was walking passed the windows of the fitness center thought they were in a Mexican restaurant today, hehe. I have probably 20 random authentic spanish cds and I rock out to them from time to time....mostly when I'm alone because others dont appreciate the music as much as I do :)

When I finally get my iPod set up, I definatley wanna put more "pump me up" music on it : Black Eyed Peas, Sublime, David Banner (yummy hehe), Natasha Bedingfield, and LOTS OF OLD SCHOOL ROCK!


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