Monday, April 18, 2011

My 4 week workout plan! Here goes!!

Let me start off by saying that if you follow my blog, you know I'm constantly trying to find ways to stay on track with diet and exercise. In my last blog I mentioned that I started recording my meals, exercise, etc. on an iPhone app and hoped it would help--- well, it didnt. I deleted the app off my phone that night. I'm sure it works for some people, but it just wasnt convenient, and I like to stray-away from becoming obsessive about jotting down everything I eat. So, with that said, I've started a new workout program! It's completely personalized and I have high hopes! The new exercises are from COSMO magazine (my BFF gave me 3 cosmo magazines and tah-dah! free exercises!) The exercises I'm doing are "target area" exercises-- 4 exercises for THIGHS, 4 for TRICEPS, and 4 for ABS. I divided them up, choosing a different exercise each day of the week. I've also added cardio 4 days a week. I hand wrote everything in pencil, so that if need be, I can tweek it --(reason I say this is because I'm working muscles I havent worked in awhile, and I know I may need rest days for those specific muscles.)


  1. That really is what I love about magazines. I am kind of addicted to fitness magazines and subscribe to a couple, but I just love the workouts and recipes in them!

    If you need to mix it up later, I recommend going to a Half Price Books or something like that and getting some second hand magazines; they have a ton!

    Good luck with the new program!

  2. I'm totally gonna check out Half Price Books right this second!! Thanks, love!